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The best peelers to make the most of the product. potatoes, garlic, eggs. Save time and money

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  • automatic garlic peeler

    Is garlic peeler ARC It is characterized by high resistance to traction and corrosion. Made of durable, wear-resistant stainless steel of specific quality for use in the food industry. The industrial garlic peeling machine ARC It has a premium motor with 175 W of power. Thanks to this, this professional garlic peeler provides a high speed of peeling by rotation, being capable of peeling up to 35kg of garlic. Is garlic cleaner It will favor you to speed up production to make sauces, oils, creams, butter, etc. Thanks to its compact and simple design, it makes it easy for you to clean and maintain the automatic peeler.

    Warranty ARC 2 YEARS
    Efficient garlic peeler, low consumption 175W
    technical support included


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  • Automatic potato peeler 15-20 Kg

    Is automatic peeling machine ARC it is capable of peeling and washing various vegetables, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, gingers, taros, etc., without damaging their pulp. Effective peeling is achieved by centrifugal rotation and friction peeling technologies, it can reach peel 15 to 20 kg in 20 minutes. The entire machine is made of 201 stainless steel for effortless cleaning, with swivel casters and a handle for easy movement.

    Warranty ARC 2 YEARS
    more efficient motor low consumption 1500W
    technical support included
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  • Automatic Quail Egg Peeler

    Save time preparing your dishes and tapas, with this automatic peeler ARCPAH1 You only have to press a button to obtain a clean product without cuts.

    Professional machine for peeling quail eggs ARCMade of premium 304 stainless steel, it is durable and safe to use. It can peel eggs with high efficiency and little breakage. output up to 60kg/h, significantly reduces manual peeling time. The size is small, convenient to move and carry. Suitable for hotels, restaurants, bar and catering industry.

    Warranty ARC 2 YEARS
    more efficient motor low consumption 18w
    technical support included.
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