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  • Perfect machine to mix meat with spices.

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  • The meat mixer grinder It is a machine used to process large amounts of meat in a short period of time. This machine combines the functions of mincing and mixing meat in a single operation, which allows for greater efficiency and productivity in food preparation. Most meat mixer grinders feature sharp blades to mince meat into small pieces, while the mixing mechanism ensures even distribution of spices and other ingredients throughout the meat. The meat mixer grinder is an essential tool in butcher shops, restaurants and food processing factories.

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  • The double arm mixers are high capacity machines used in the food industry to mix large amounts of dough. Are industrial mixers They have two mixing arms that work together to achieve a homogeneous and uniform mixture. They are designed to work with dense and heavy masses, and their size and capacity vary according to the needs of the user. Double-arm mixers are ideal for bakeries, pastry shops and others food industries that require efficient and high-quality mixing.

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  • A industrial meat mixer It is a machine that combines and mixes ingredients and kneads dough quickly and efficiently for use in large-scale food production. Are meat grinders They are designed to withstand heavy loads and usually have a capacity of at least 50 liters and up to 185 litres. They are widely used in bakeries, butcher shops, restaurants and other catering companies to help prepare large quantities of dough quickly and evenly.

    Review all the technical specifications of each machine in its respective description.

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  • Our industrial mixers have a capacity 50kg, 100kg, 150kg Y 250kg of dough, which makes it one of the most powerful industrial mixers on the market. Thanks to its robust structure and high-performance motor, this mixer is capable of kneading large amounts of dough efficiently and homogeneously.

    Distribucion ARC industrial mixers are suitable for a wide variety of doughs, from soft masses as the bread either pizza until denser masses as the fresh pasta either cookie dough. In addition, its versatile design allows the integration of different accessories that facilitate the production of different types of dough and applications, such as the preparation of croissants or the mix of ingredients to prepare creams or sauces.

    5 year warranty

    Technical service: Europe, USA, America

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