Grain and powder bag filler

Powder and dry product fillers
An automatic vibratory weigh filler suitable for granular products can be ordered with two fill channels funneling to a single fill head, or four fill channels funneling to two fill heads. ARC DISTRIBUTION vibratory feeders are the ideal solution for dry granular products, dog food, flowers and small candy that require precision weighing. Vibrating delivery channels that feed product to load cells prevent damage that normally occurs in auger systems.
Auger filling machines use high-tech brushless direct drive servo motors and state-of-the-art motion control electronics for auger control. The simple filler design allows for easy cleaning, maintenance and quick change-outs. Available in semi-automatic (AF) and fully-automatic (AF1) configurations, ARC DISTRIBUTION auger fillers are the best choice for any customer who wants accurate and repeatable filling of powders, granules and other similar products.
These fillers have a touch screen that is linked to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that operates the machine. The machine operating program gives the operator the ability to make fine adjustments to the machine as needed during a shift. Logic continuously monitors the machine for proper operation along with built-in safety checks.

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