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Professional and industrial double chamber vacuum sealer with minimal maintenance.

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  • Double chamber vacuum packaging machine

    Is industrial vacuum packing machine ARC Adopt microcomputer control system to make sealing parameter setting easier and more accurate; You can set the vacuum time, sealing time and packing time according to your needs. Managing to adapt to the needs of the product or packaging material, this packaging machine It is suitable for different industries: food, pharmaceutical, mechanical, electrical, etc.

    Warranty ARC 2 YEARS
    Efficient vacuum sealer, low consumption 2000 w
    technical support included


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  • Sealing machine, food vacuum packing machine

    With the single chamber vacuum packing machine ARC You can use the plastic composite film or plastic sheet composite film as the packaging materials, it is suitable for food, medicine, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components and other items (solid, liquid or powder). Our product is constructed with a clear glass lid, so the packaging process is fully shown to you. Our compact product is definitely your best choice.

    Warranty ARC 2 YEARS
    Efficient electric bone saw, low consumption 800W
    technical support included
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  • Small bell vacuum packing machine. Vacuum pack any type of food. Ideal for places with limited space, such as small market stalls, street vendors, small bars,...
    Increases the shelf life of raw or cooked foods, without weight loss.


    warranty ARC 2 YEARS
    more efficient motor low consumption 120w
    technical support included.
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