Manual and Automatic Capsule Making Machines for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Capsule Making Machines: Manual and Automatic for the Pharmaceutical Industry

At ARC Distribución, we are leaders in offering a wide range of manual, semi-automatic and automatic capsule making machines, standing out for their high quality in the pharmaceutical sector for professionals and industries.

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High Performance Capsulators: from 5,000 to 350,000 Units per Hour

different types of casing machines

Our catalog offers capsule making machines adapted to any scale of production: manuals, for small quantities and total control of the process, ideal for getting started; semi-automatic, which combine automation with manual supervision for efficient production of up to 30,000 capsules per hour, perfect for expanding companies; and totally automated, designed for large production volumes with minimal human intervention, ensuring high precision and continuous operation for large-scale manufacturers.

Capsule making machines

Here you will find a complete selection of capsule making machines, including manual, semi-automatic and automatic models, all designed for industrial use.

Why Choose ARC Distribution for your Pharmaceutical Machinery Solutions?

Manual Capsule Making Machines

Discover in our catalog manual capsule making machines available in a variety of sizes, from #000 to #5. These machines can produce up to 400 capsules per batch, making them ideal for small production runs or for testing new products. They offer an economical and efficient solution for capsule manufacturing, allowing you full control over the encapsulation process. Their simple and functional design makes them easy to operate, perfect for those who are just starting out in the world of encapsulation.

Semi-Automatic Capsule Making Machine

Our semi-automatic capsule making machines are designed for those who want to increase their production capacity without sacrificing quality. These machines separate, fill and close capsules automatically, although they require manual supervision to ensure maximum performance, with a capacity of up to 30,000 capsules per hour depending on the skill of the operator. These machines effectively combine automation with manual control, optimizing time and resources to ensure agile and consistent production, ideal for expanding companies.

Automated Capsule Making Machine

For large-scale productions, our fully automated machines are the perfect choice. These advanced systems are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize human intervention. It is only necessary to load the capsules into the hopper; The machine automatically positions, fills, closes and deposits the finished capsules ready for packaging. With their rotary operation, these machines ensure high precision and consistency in each capsule produced. Ideal for manufacturers seeking to optimize performance and maintain continuous operation.




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