Meat Cutting Machines

Specialized in meat slicers fillets, bones, strips and cubes for trade and industry we have machines to process fresh, frozen and bone-in meat.

The ARC line of machinery is available in both versions professionals What industrial, ideal for use in meat processing factories that require high performance during intensive 16 to 24 hour work shifts.

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Comprehensive advice follow-up for 2 years

machines to cut meat into steaks

meat slicer machines

Machines for cutting meat into semi-automatic and automatic fillets. (click on the image to see the complete category)

Machines to Cut Meat in Strips

Machines to cut meat into strips, professional and industrial. (click on the image to see the complete category)

Meat Dicing Machines

Meat cutting machines in cubes from 5mm to 40mm 300kg to 1500kg per hour intensive days 16 to 24h.

meat grinders

Meat grinders from 100kg to 4 tons per hour. industrial quality. (click on the image to see the complete category)

Machines to cut meat with bone

Meat and bone cutting machines, our meat and bone cutting machines have high quality components and production capacity according to your needs.

Machines for cutting meat into steaks

Meat cutting machines are essential in the meat industry. These machines are used to cut meat into fillets of different thicknesses and sizes. They are specifically designed to handle large amounts of meat efficiently and precisely.

One of the advantages of meat slicer machines in steaks is that they can precisely adjust the thickness of the steak, allowing for steaks of the same size and thickness. This is especially important in the meat industry as meat fillets must be uniform in size to ensure even cooking and to improve the appearance of the final product.

Another advantage is the capacity of these machines to be able to use different types of meat, being able to process from meat of porkbeef, chicken Y lamb, etc, which makes them very versatile and efficient.


Why Choose Arc Distribution?



We offer a 2-year guarantee on our machines that are manufactured with rigorous quality standards.



ARC is a company with a solid track record in the market, with more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of professional and industrial machinery for the meat sector.


365 advice

We offer comprehensive advice to solve any need in terms of meat cutting machinery, whether for steaks, frozen meat or bone-in.

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"Excellent service and quality products! I made my first purchase at ARC Distribution and I was very satisfied with the experience. The website is easy to navigate and find what I need. The purchase process was fast and safe. Also, the shipping It arrived earlier than expected and the products were in perfect condition. I will definitely recommend this store to my friends and family. Thank you, ARC Distribution!"
Adrian Ortiz
"I have used ARC Distribution services on several occasions and have always had exceptional results. The website offers a wide variety of high quality products at competitive prices. In addition, the purchase process is very easy and the customer service team "He is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a reliable and efficient distributor."
Jose Grimaldo
"ARC Distribution has been my trusted supplier for years. Your website is my main source of supplies for my business. The selection of products is impressive and I always find what I need. Orders are processed quickly and shipments arrive in perfect condition I have never had problems with the quality of the products. Without a doubt, ARC Distribution is a company that can be trusted".
mercedes martinez

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