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Our equipment is characterized by its exceptional quality and operational simplicity, offering a wide range of solutions for the production of tablets. Among our catalogue, powder mixers stand out, designed to guarantee perfect homogenization of the ingredients. We also have pill forming machines through tablet presses, which ensure precision and uniformity in each unit produced. For the encapsulation process, our machines automatic encapsulators They offer optimal and efficient performance. In addition, we have pill counters and automated systems for forming and filling blister packs, which optimize both time and resources, increasing productivity and efficiency on the production line.

pill making machines

Pill forming machines of different shapes presses


Machines for making pills in gelatin capsules 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Powder mixers

eb V powder mixing machines, horizontal and vertical

Powder feeders

These machines are responsible for moving the powder by vacuum.

Coating drums

Mixing machines to coat the capsules for a homogeneous dust-free finish

pill counters

Machines in charge of counting and filling pill bottles


Pill and capsule packaging machines in individual blister packs

pill dryers

Machines in charge of drying pills remove traces of moisture

Dust cleaners

Cleaning machines for powder residue from pills and capsules

Why Choose ARC Distribution for your Pharmaceutical Machinery Solutions?

Vanguard Guarantee

At ARC Distribution, we are not only dedicated to offering the highest quality machinery for pill production, but we back each piece of equipment with an exceptional 2-year warranty. Our products are the result of meticulous attention to detail and the highest manufacturing standards, ensuring unmatched performance and long-term reliability for your pharmaceutical operations.

Recognized Experience

With more than a decade of experience in the sector, ARC is positioned as a leader in the field of professional and industrial machinery, extending its expertise to the pharmaceutical sector. Our trajectory is synonymous with innovation, quality and a deep commitment to the needs of our clients, providing solutions that not only satisfy, but exceed expectations in pharmaceutical production.

Expert Support All Year Round

We understand that the operation of specialized machinery, such as that necessary for the manufacture of pills and capsules, requires constant technical support and advice. For this reason, at Distribución ARC, we are proud to offer a comprehensive advisory service available 365 days a year. Our team of experts is always ready to resolve any questions or needs that arise, ensuring that your production never stops due to lack of technical support.


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Frequent questions

To select the pill forming machine  ideal, it is crucial to consider several fundamental aspects that will ensure that the equipment meets your specific production requirements. Firstly, it is important to identify the type of product that will be processed, differentiating whether this is a dust or if it has a denser consistency with a certain degree of humidity. This distinction is vital, as it will determine the compatibility of the material with the type of machine and its compression or molding mechanism.

Furthermore, the desired production capacity is another determining factor. Evaluating the number of pills you need to produce in a specific period will help you choose a model that not only fits your current needs but also has the potential to accommodate future production expansions.

Finally, consider the size and shape of the capsule or pill to be produced. Depending on the specifications of the final product, some machines offer greater versatility and adaptability in terms of available sizes and shapes.

Taking these essential aspects into account will guide you towards choosing a tablet press that not only aligns with your production needs but also ensures efficiency and quality in your line of pharmaceutical products.

When looking for the ideal machine to mix the powder components of your tablets, it is essential to consider several key factors to ensure the equipment is perfectly suited to your production requirements. First and foremost, the total number of kilograms to be mixed in each batch is a crucial criterion. This capacity will determine which mixer model is best suited for your operations, ensuring optimal production.

Our mixers are available in three different models, each with different capacities and specific configurations to suit a variety of production needs. V models are ideal for homogeneous mixtures of powder components, while vertical models stand out for their efficiency in limited spaces and horizontal models are preferred for their flexibility in handling different types of mixtures and volumes.

Choosing the correct model will depend directly on the specific characteristics of the products to be mixed and your production objectives. Considering these aspects will allow you to select a powder mixing machine that not only meets your quality and efficiency expectations but also contributes to the success and scalability of your production process.

Select the right machine automatic encapsulator either manuals to make capsules It is a process that requires a detailed analysis of your specific production needs. A crucial factor to consider is the type and size of capsules you plan to fill. Standard sizes available include 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, each suitable for different volumes and types of products.

Another essential aspect is determining the required production capacity. Knowing the number of capsules you need to produce per hour or per day will help you decide between production options. manual, semi-automatic machines and fully automated. This decision is fundamental, since the level of automation must align with your production objectives to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

The Manual machines are ideal for smaller productions or for companies that are just starting out and want to keep investment costs low. Semi-automatic machines offer a balance between manual control and automation, suitable for intermediate production volumes. On the other hand, the fully automated machines They are perfect for high production volumes, where efficiency and speed are critical to meet market demands.

Choosing the right machine involves carefully evaluating these factors to find equipment that not only meets your current production requirements, but also has the ability to adapt to the future growth of your company.

The use of a pill dust cleaner becomes essential in any capsule and pressed pill manufacturing process to ensure the quality and integrity of the final product. During the production of pills, it is common to generate waste and dust that can adhere to the surface of the capsules or pills. This residue not only affects the appearance of the final product, but can also compromise its quality and accuracy in terms of dosing.

The addition of a dust cleaner is designed to address this problem effectively. Compatible with both capsules and pressed tablets, these machines use advanced vacuum suction systems to remove residual powder. This process not only cleans the final product, but also allows the powder to be recovered for reuse, pressing it again and thus maximizing the efficiency of the material.

Using a dust cleaner is crucial to maintaining hygiene and quality standards in pharmaceutical production. By removing residual powder, cross-contamination is avoided, dosage consistency is ensured, and product presentation is improved. This additional step in the production process reflects a commitment to product excellence and safety, fundamental aspects in the pharmaceutical industry.

The implementation of a pill or capsule counting machine becomes an essential requirement after the tablet or capsule production process. This need arises in the packaging and dosing phase, where it is crucial to ensure a precise number of units per container, whether cans or boxes, typically in batches of 30 units or any other specific quantity required.

The main advantage of using these machines is the elimination of manual counting, a process that is not only time-consuming but also subject to human error. Depending on your production needs and the scale of your operation, you can choose between semi-automated or fully automated solutions. Semi-automatic machines are suitable for smaller productions or for companies looking for flexibility with a lower initial investment. On the other hand, fully automated machines are designed to handle large production volumes, optimizing efficiency and precision in counting and packaging capsules or pills per hour.

Incorporating a counting machine into your production line not only ensures packaging accuracy, but also significantly improves process efficiency, allowing you to meet market demands more effectively and with consistently high quality standards.

The vacuum powder feeder is an indispensable innovative solution for the efficient handling of powder raw materials within production facilities. This system is crucial when raw material is stored in one section of the plant and needs to be moved to another area for processing, encapsulation or compression.

Operating through a specialized pump, the vacuum powder feeder transports the product using a piping system to the main machine or tank. This vacuum transportation method not only minimizes manual contact with the raw material, ensuring a more hygienic and contamination-free environment, but also optimizes the efficiency of the transfer process.

Implementing a vacuum powder feeder is essential for any operation that requires the safe and effective movement of powder products throughout the production floor. By eliminating the need for traditional manual or mechanical transfer, this system provides a cleaner, faster and more efficient solution, ensuring that raw materials reach their destination in the best possible conditions for further processing.

The blister packaging process for pills is carried out using a specialized machine that uses two rollers to form the blister, which is the transparent plastic part intended to house the capsules or pills. This machine is designed to precisely place each capsule within its respective compartment in the blister, following the specifications of the mold used.

Once the capsules or pills are correctly positioned, the machine proceeds to seal the blister with an aluminum foil, ensuring the integrity and protection of the product. Finally, each blister is cut to the indicated size, preparing them for distribution or sale.

Furthermore, this technology is not just limited to solid pill packaging; It is also equipped to handle vials with liquids. Thanks to the versatility of the molds included in the machine, it is possible to form blisters in various shapes and sizes, adapting to the specific needs of each product.

This packaging method not only offers optimal protection against humidity, air and other external factors, but also facilitates the dosage and safe use of medicines by consumers, standing out for its effectiveness and precision in the pharmaceutical sector. .

Uniformity in particle size of powder components is crucial to ensure the quality and appearance of pressed tablets. This is where crushers and sifters come into play, essential tools in the process of preparing the components before mixing them. These machines ensure that all powder components pass through a 120 points per inch mesh (or any other required specification), thus achieving a uniform granulometry consistency.

This homogeneity is essential, since differences in grain size can negatively affect the final appearance of the tablet, manifesting itself in visible irregularities and affecting the perception of quality. Some components may have naturally diverse particle sizes, which without proper crushing and sieving, could result in uneven distribution within the pressed tablet.

Therefore, the implementation of a crusher or sifter before the mixing process not only improves the aesthetics of the tablets but also contributes to uniformity in their composition and dissolution, factors that are essential to maintain quality standards. and effectiveness of the final product.

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"Lamar Laboratories is extremely satisfied with the acquisition of a pill making machine from ARC Distribution. This equipment has significantly improved our production thanks to its quality, efficiency and ease of use. ARC's attention and technical support have been outstanding, ensuring that we made the right decision for our growth. Without a doubt, we recommend Distribución ARC for its advanced solutions and excellent customer service in the pharmaceutical sector."
Adrian Ortiz
"PharmaTech Solutions has experienced a notable improvement in the mixing of components for capsules thanks to the powder mixing machine acquired from ARC Distribution. The precision, efficiency and ease of operation of this machine have been crucial to optimize our production processes. The attention "ARC's customer and technical support has exceeded our expectations, reinforcing our confidence in its technology. We highly recommend ARC Distribution for its innovative solutions and exceptional support in the pharmaceutical sector."
Jose Grimaldo
"BioFarm Innovations has seen a significant change in the efficiency of our packaging line after incorporating the ARC Distribution automatic blister forming and filling machine. The speed, precision and reliability of the equipment have allowed a substantial improvement in our production capacity, while maintaining the highest quality standards. The purchasing experience has been excellent, highlighting the personalized advice and technical support offered by ARC. This acquisition has been a step forward in our search for operational excellence, and we recommend Distribución ARC to those in the market. pharmaceutical sector that seek innovation and efficiency."
mercedes martinez

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