All in 1 Industrial Powder Mixing Machines

All in 1 industrial powder mixing machines

Comprehensive Machinery Solutions for mixing raw materials in powder and viscosity

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Leaders in Advanced Solutions for mixing powdered raw materials

The V-shaped mixers Blender, tumbler, Pussy, drum, as well as the horizontal, of tape Y ribbon, are essential equipment designed for the precise and homogeneous mixing of materials in various forms, from powder even liquids. These machines are specialized in guaranteeing a uniform distribution of components, ideal for delicate applications that require careful handling to avoid the degradation of sensitive ingredients such as manufacturing of tablets either tablets. Your ability to drive from little until big volumes makes them versatile options for production industrial, standing out for its efficiency in maintaining high cleaning standards and minimizing cross contamination. Each type of mixer is optimized for different formulation requirements, ensuring consistent and rapid mixtures that are crucial in rigorous sectors such as pharmaceuticals, where precision and homogeneity are fundamental to the quality of the final product. These mixers facilitate scalable and efficient operations, ideal for adjusting to various manufacturing processes.

v blender mixers

V-type mixers are specially designed for the efficient mixing of components used in the production of tablets and capsules.

drum type mixer

Drum system mixing machines are recommended for processes where the components to be mixed vary in density, ensuring effective homogenization of the grains.

Cone Powder Mixers

The cone-type powder mixer has a tank that rotates on its own axis, optimizing the homogenization of the components with efficiency and uniformity.

Horizontal, Ribbon and Ribbon Mixers

Horizontal, ribbon and ribbon mixers are equipment designed to efficiently mix dry and wet materials, ensuring uniform and precise distribution in industrial processes.

Why Choose ARC Distribution for your Machinery Solutions for mixing your products?

V-Shaped Blender

The V shape mixer Industrial blenders is advanced equipment designed specifically for the precise homogenization of powder Y granules dry. Thanks to its configuration of two 'V'-shaped cylinders with a capacity of 2 to 2000 liters, this equipment guarantees uniform mixing by efficiently rotating materials from one compartment to another. Its use is essential in applications that demand careful handling to avoid degradation of sensitive components.

Tumbler, Cone and Drum Mixers

These types of mixers, which include models of tumbler, cor not Y drum, are characterized by their cylindrical containers that facilitate dynamic mixing through systems that rotate or agitate the materials effectively with a capacity of 9 to 1200 liters. They are especially effective at treating a diverse range of materials, both liquid and solid, and are capable of handling significant volumes, making them ideal for industrial production scales.

Horizontal, Ribbon and Ribbon Mixers

The horizontal mixers, including those of tape Y ribbon, feature a robust design with internal rotating systems that distribute materials more intensely compared to other types of mixers. These equipment are ideal for achieving homogeneous and rapid mixtures of both dry and slightly moist products with capacities from 10 to 1000 kilos, ensuring absolute uniformity necessary in sectors such as pharmaceuticals.



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