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pill forming machines, tablet compactors, industrial granulators

Here you will find all types of industrial compacting or pill forming machines.

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pill pressing machines both in dry powder and with a touch of moisture

Industrial pill forming and compacting machines

The tablet presses, industrial tablet compactors and granulators They are key machines in the production of tablets, each one adapted to specific needs of the process. The presses and compactors compress powders under high pressure, ideal for materials that require intense compression, while granulators prepare uniform granules, improving the dosage and quality of the tablets. When the pills have a degree of humidity, specialized machinery is required to handle the wet content without compromising the quality of the product, involving adjustments in temperature, pressure, and mold design. The correct selection and configuration of these machines ensure that the tablets meet precise specifications of size, shape, structural integrity and effective release of active ingredients, being crucial to the success of their production.

industrial pill forming machines

In our catalog you will find a wide selection of rotary industrial machines for tablets pills, designed to cover all your production needs.

Moisture Tablet Compactor

In this section, you will discover machines specialized in compact tablets either tablets from wet and pasty products, designed specifically to handle these unique consistencies.

Powder pill pressing machine

Pill forming machines

The pill forming machines or tablet compactors are widely used to compress powder and convert them into pills by applying pressure. The compactors They offer similar functionality, but are optimized to work with materials that require greater compression force from the 2 kilo newtons to the 100 kilo newtons. On the other hand, granulators are used to create uniform granules before tablet compression, which contributes to more consistent dosing and improved pill quality.

Read carefully if you need to press pills with moisture.

industrial tablet compacting machines with humidity

Furthermore, when the pills include a certain degree of moisture, machines are required that can handle this content without affecting the quality of the product. This may involve adjustments in operating temperature and applied pressure, as well as modifications in the design of molds and dies. Proper selection and configuration of these machines is essential to ensure that tablets not only meet size and shape specifications, but also structural integrity and proper release of the active ingredient. In summary, choosing the right machinery and adapting it appropriately is key to success in the production of solid pills, especially when it comes to products that contain moisture.


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