Meat cutting machines fillets, bones, strips and cubes

Meat cutting machines

Specialized in meat slicers fillets, bones, strips and cubes For trade and industry we have machines to process fresh, frozen or bone-in meat.

meat slicers

Solutions for cutting meats steaks, strips, dices.

The ARC line of machinery is available in both versions professionals What industrial, ideal for use in meat processing factories that require high performance during intensive 16 to 24 hour work shifts.

Machines for cutting meat into steaks

Meat cutting machines are essential in the meat industry. These machines are used to cut meat into fillets of different thicknesses and sizes. They are specifically designed to handle large amounts of meat efficiently and precisely.

One of the advantages of meat slicer machines in steaks is that they can precisely adjust the thickness of the steak, allowing for steaks of the same size and thickness. This is especially important in the meat industry as meat fillets must be uniform in size to ensure even cooking and to improve the appearance of the final product.

Another advantage is the capacity of these machines to be able to use different types of meat, being able to process from meat of pork, beef, chicken Y lamb, etc, which makes them very versatile and efficient.

Carpaccio style fine meat filleting machine

One of the main advantages of this machine is its ability to cut extremely thin fillets, less than one millimeter thick, which allows to obtain fillets with a fine and delicate appearance and texture.

Machine to cut meat fillets 600kg/h

This machine is designed to cut large pieces of meat quickly and accurately. With a 25cm wide entrance, this slicer is ideal for handling whole pieces of tenderloin or any other large piece of meat.

Chicken fillet cutting machine 400kg/h

meat fillet filleting machine
The chicken fillet cutting machine is an essential tool for the poultry industry. This machine is specifically designed to cut high quality chicken fillets at a fast and precise production rate. With a cutting capacity of 400 kilos per hour

Professional manual meat slicer

Our manual meat slicer is available in 4 sizes also in an automatic version.
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