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Automatic filling and sealing machines in high-quality flowpack formats designed for filling powdered or liquid sachets and sauces, as well as for filling bags of different sizes, from 1 gram to 5 kilograms.

Our flowpack machines offer excellent efficiency in the filling and sealing of envelopes and bags, which guarantees the maximum freshness and quality of your products. Additionally, our machines are designed to be highly reliable and easy to use, saving you time and increasing the productivity of your business.

Whether you are looking for a machine to fill and seal powder or liquid sachets and sauces, or to fill bags of different sizes, we have the perfect solution for you. Our customer service team is always available to help you select the right machine for your business, as well as provide any after-sales service or technical advice you may require. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our flowpack machines!

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  • Vertical Thermal Bag Sealer

    Is bag closer ARC uses electronic constant temperature control and automatic conveying device, with which with this heat sealer they can control and use plastic film strips of different shapes in a packaging line. The thermoplastic sealant It features a simple, user-friendly and user-friendly control panel. Is vertical bag closer It features a high-performance motor with a long service life and more stable operation. The conveyor table of this heat sealing machine ARC it can be adjusted up and down, and can be adjusted according to actual requirements to improve efficiency.

    Warranty ARC 2 YEARS
    Efficient vertical sealer, low consumption 400W
    technical support included
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  • Filler, dispenser with automatic sealing for envelopes

    Is sachet dispenser ARC It is suitable for the millimetric packaging of liquids or sauces such as oil, ketchup, jam, honey, salad dressing, vinegar, dairy drink, condensed milk, honey.

    Is cream filler It facilitates the linear process to increase your production and comfort since it adopts an automatic control system with microcomputers that ensures a precise and high-speed filling process, in addition to making a precise cut to preserve the chain process and process up to 40 bags per minute. Is automatic sealing packaging machine ARC It can be adapted to different densities and products to facilitate the filling and sealing of different sauces, creams, jams, butters, oils, pasta, etc.

    Warranty ARC 2 YEARS
    Linear filler for sachets efficient, low consumption 300W
    technical support included


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  • Automatic sealing dosing machine for grains, flour powders

    ARC offers various types of solutions for industries that work with powders, grains and flours. We have standard systems that allow us to seal the bags and also systems that generate vacuum to the packages.

    The automatic sealing machine ARCMSAG200 three-sided dust bag is stable and reliable. Combine all the weighing and packing functions, to promote production. adopt double vibration systems for a masking very efficient. It is perfect for dust, particles and other dry and mobile materials, suitable for filter paper, composite film, aluminum foil bags, non-woven, grease paper, heat-sealable plastic bags and other heat-sealable packaging materials.

    Warranty ARC 2 YEARS
    Efficient automatic sealing dosing machine, low consumption 100w
    technical support included
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  • Continuous Horizontal Sealer.

    Desktop machine made in stainless steelideal for medium and large productions.

    Very easy to set up, it guarantees perfect welding of any heat-sealable material: polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and laminates.

    Suitable for all types of bags

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