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machines to make pills and encapsulating capsules: manual or automatic.

Pill Making Machines: These machines are used to compress ingredients into pills of specific shapes and sizes. They are ideal for the production of solid pellets.

Tablet Machines: Similar to pill machines, these machines compress the ingredients into individual tablets inside capsules. They are often used for medications that require a higher dosage in a smaller space.

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  • The pill making machine of different sizes is highly specialized and precise equipment used in the manufacture of medicines Y nutritional supplements. This machine is capable of producing tablets in sizes ranging from 5mm to 15mm, which allows adapting to the specific needs of each client.

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  • Filling machine for capsules, pills, pills 400 holes

    Is capsule dispenser It is made of GMP hard silicone with 400 holes. is the filler most widely used of its kind in the pharmaceutical industry. The process is fast and efficient are guaranteed by the many improvements made over the years in its wide and varied application in the industry. With this capsule machine, it's easy to turn powders into easy-to-swallow capsules. Fill your capsules with powdered herbs, dietary supplements, vitamins, oils, or your own custom formulas

    Warranty ARC 2 YEARS
    technical support included
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