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  • Grill roaster with conveyor belt

    Is conveyor toaster of ARC is suitable for virtually all commercial kitchens fast, efficient and easy to use. You can prepare up to 300 slices of bread per hour. East toaster grill It has seven adjustable speeds and three toasting modes to control the color and freshness of the bread. Let the irresistible aroma of warm, golden toast entice your customers. Is Bread toaster It is ideal for cafes, buffets and coffee shops. Keep your customers from waiting!

    Warranty ARC 2 YEARS
     Efficient belt toaster, low consumption 1800w
    technical support included
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  • Hot air fryer oven with rotating function

    Take care of your customers and surprise them with the hot air fryers ARC, your dishes will be healthier and tastier as they do not depend on oils or fats, up to a 80% less fat and at the same time a 100% flavor.

    With the hot air fryer of ARC, the dishes are prepared in a current of hot air, similar to a convection oven By distributing the circulating air through both upper / lower parts, without the need for oil or fats, you can achieve unsurpassed results. The hot air fryer ARCFHA12 It has an efficient cooking space, and compared to a circulating air oven, it will achieve the desired operating temperature in record time. In addition, its heat preservation function contributes to a low energy consumption.

    Warranty ARC 2 YEARS
    Efficient electric fryer oven, low consumption 1600w
    technical support included


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  • Professional steam convection oven

    The hot air oven of ARC It has a stainless steel casing, a very resistant tempered glass door and a stainless enamel interior, thermosetting and easy to clean.

    The grill function and the circulating air function are integrated in this electric oven, ARCHECK1 It is powerful and they offer two different modes to choose from to meet your different requirements. The conventional oven of ARC has the steam function that favors the cooking of food, making it more delicate and tasty. East Conventional oven It has the toasting function as well as including a timer to control both time and temperature.

    The conventional oven of ARC it can be used to bake a large amount of food at the same time, making the most of the 46 x 38 x 36 cm space inside. The trays of hot air oven they can be removed to fit different sized foods.

    Warranty ARC 2 YEARS
    Convection oven with efficient steam, low consumption 2400w
    technical support included.
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  • 2-tier pizza oven ARCHPN2


    Pizza oven 2 x 40 is a compact and robust oven made of stainless steel. This pizza oven by ARC It not only has stone plates, but also camera lights. There is space for 2 pizzas of about 40 centimeters at the same time. this pizza oven ARCHPN2

    it is something that can be lifted, since it weighs no more than 26 kilograms. The convenience of this pizza oven is that you can adjust the temperature per chamber both at the bottom and the top.


    warranty ARC 2 YEARS
    Efficient pizza oven low consumption 2500w
    technical support included.
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